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Working group on Time Series Analysis, within the Italian Statistical Society

Evolutionary computation and time series, ECTS2011 

Villa Mondragone, Monte Porzio Catone (Rome)

June 13-14 2011, for information  ects2011@uniroma1.it



Call for papers CLADAG 2011, Pavia, 7-9 September 2011

ANSET session: please send an e-mail to Cira Perna at


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Convegno biennale del gruppo di lavoro sull'Analisi delle Serie Temporali Anset-Sis, Ravello, 9-10 aprile 2010.

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International conference on Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Actuarial Sciences and Finance, Ravello, 7-9 April 2010

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Under a proposal of a group members the steering committee of the Italian Statistical Society (SIS) has created a workgroup on the Analysis of Time Series which has kept its first assembly during the SIS scientific meeting in Bari.

The purpose of the group is to foster and coordinate the methodological and applied research about all aspects concerning time series in the fields of  economic social, demographic sciences and in the study of physics, biology and natural phenomena.

Every SIS member can join. In order to join, it necessary to fill a form

Also non SIS members can join the group.

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Persons and institutions not belonging to SIS can also join the group. The application form can be downloaded here below and, properly filled, it can be sent to the e-mail address: perna@unisa.it (attention Prof. Cira Perna).


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 Presentation of the working group Riduci

Presentation of the workgroup.

Recently the interests of the statistic operators for the study of time series has considerably increased. Together with the progress of the methodology, in a lot of application sectors the use of advanced time-series instruments has become more and more spread. The interest towards statistic techniques in time series analysis has increased from a limited group of specialists to a bigger group of researchers that are active both in social areas, in natural sciences or in other sectors of statistics.

It must also be remarked that the need of interaction among areas, considered at the begin very far, like some sectors of physics and engineering, has become more and more crucial.

The number of persons, not necessarily statisticians, dealing with all aspects concerning time series has increased considerably.

It appears necessary and convenient that the Italian Statistical Society can become the point of reference of this big group of persons, with the target of fostering an integrated and continuous system of relationships among researchers in many areas.

The group has the scientific target to contribute and promote both the methodological and applied research related to time series analysis in the fields of scientific, economic and social sciences, demography, information sciences, control processes, physics, biology and natural studies.

Our project is to favor the diffusion of news related to the scientific activity of the members and their related structures; to foster the interaction and cooperation among academic researchers and people working in firms both from the methodological and applied point of view; to spread information about opportunities and practices in statistic sectors; to promote interaction and education of PhD students and senior researchers, to promote initiatives for the diffusion of the instruction of the statistic methodology related to time series.

The group has also the role of coordinating and promoting the initiatives of study, research and diffusion of the methodologies and the innovating experiences. It arranges a convention every two years  concerning recent advances of methodological research in the sector of time series analysis; promotes and collaborates to the organization and realization of the activities of SIS regarding time series; it organizes specialized sessions in scientific meetings and promotes special issues in international journals like "Statistical Methods and Applications".

The group has also strong relationships with international structures and associations dealing with time series.

Finally, it promotes, fosters and coordinates the participation of Italian and foreign researches to the scientific activities of the group.

 Regulation Riduci

1. Denomination and Aims

Inside SIS it has been created a permanent workgroup named “time series analysis workgroup”, briefly called  “ANSET” with the aim of contributing to promote and coordinate methodological applied research concerning time series analysis and the dynamic phenomena, in the area of the information science, production and technology processes and in the study of physic, biological, natural phenomena.

The members of the group commit to operate in harmony with the SIS and its other groups


2. Members

Organigram of the members

  1. The assembly of the members
  2. The steering committee
  3. The responsible

The elected members last about two years.

  1. The assembly of the members is convoked from the responsible at least once every two years, with indication of the crucial points which must be discussed and in particular the election of the new steering committee. The assembly can regularly operate if at least 1/5 of the members is present (including delegated members).
    The assembly elects the responsible and the components of the steering committee.
    The assembly gives indications to the steering committee about the initiatives which must be pursued.
  2. The steering committee is composed by five members of the Workgroup including the responsible. The committee convenes meetings (at least one time a year).
    The committee deliberates about the activities of the group.

  3. The responsible of the workgroup is a SIS member and represents the workgorup in particular in the relationships with SIS. The responsible chairs the meetings of the steering committee and the assembly of the members. In case of functional disease, the responsible can appoint a substitute.


3. How to join and quit

Individual and Istitutional members of SIS are entitled to join the workgroup, their applications are automatically accepted.

Individuals and Institutions which are not members of SIS may also apply for workgroup membership, subject to approval of the steering committee.

In order to abandon the group it is necessary to send a letter to the responsible.


4. Cessation of the workgroup

The group will close down if

  1. The assembly of the members deliberates its auto-dissolution
  2. The work-group is constituted of less than 20 members
  3. The steering committee of SIS declares that there have been important violations of the present regulation, of the statute of the society or serious, harmful to the name and image of SIS.

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